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New Year, New Semester and 46 New People!

February 4, 2010   

Well after my month long hiatus spent trudging through the snow, rain, ice and sleet, I am pleased to report back on my year long stay here in Madrid. On January 7th (man does that feel like long time ago!) I got my new house mate Jessica, and on the 8th I went to El Centro and met the 38 students that had successfully made it to Madrid. Unfortunately, a large snow storm on the east coast prevented the rest from getting here on time! However, no worries, by the 9th and 10th, everyone was here and accounted for the 16-18th journey to Andalucía! Instead of giving you all a long drawn out prose on the first 3 weeks of this spring semester, I´ll give you the blow by blow on the highlights of this semester so far:
1) Slept in antique hotel that while quaint and picturesque, was without electricity, hot water, or heat due to a huge rain storm in the South of Spain. (However the candle lit conversation that my roomate and I had in the hotel room was quite romantic even though it was about luggage.)
2) Saw La Mezquita en Cordoba, El Alcazar and La Giralda en Sevilla and La Alhambra en Granada
3) Ate more tapas than I ever imagined in my life, and possibly discovered the best place ever for Pallela in Ronda
4) Reveled (am am still reveling in) the REABJAS! (sales) in all the stores!
5) Have now upped the ante to my exercise regime by walking kilometer after kilometer in heels, stockings, and skirts! (fashion knows no limits!) JK!!!
6) Am taking the coolest classes ever this semester! (Lenguage 3, Nuevos Mundos, La Consciencia Social Moderna de España, and la Historia del Arte) More to come soon...
7) Have now become a huge fan of the museos nacionales (national museums) of Madrid, and am now the proud owner of of a year long museum pass! El Prado is basically my home!
8) Am slowly and sadly starting to realize that I only have 3 more months left is possibly the best country and city in the world!