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Famous Chili Adventure

November 7, 2012   

Last night, my roommate, Ben Anderson, returned back from New Hampshire where he was canvassing for the Obama campaign. To properly celebrate his return, our apartment went to Ben’s Chili Bowl!

Now this is not just any chili place, it is Washington, D.C.’s most famous chili establishment, formally endorsed by both Bill Cosby and President Obama. Ben’s Chili Bowl was actually the first place at which Obama publicly dined after his inauguration.

Needless to say, it was delicious!! Best of all, they were vegetarian friendly. I had their vegetarian chili and cheese fries, which is allowed because I normally eat healthier - haha.     

This morning the program took a trip to the Supreme Court where we sat in on a hearing. The case was against a company’s usage of Nike's trademark. I did not find the material to be particularly captivating, but the justices and their arguments, and, at times, satire, was interesting.  

Typically Wednesday’s are reserved for field trips, and in the past we have visited Hamilton alumni who work as lobbyists, lawyers, and higher education officials and researchers. Last week we visited the office of Michael McCurry, President Clinton's former press secretary and the current chairman of the Presidential Debate Committee.

Right now I have a double class session because last week’s was cancelled due to the hurricane.