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Congrats & encouragement

December 17, 2009   

Early decision folks -- you've done it! You're in...deep breath....YOU'RE IN!

Life gets a lot easier from here on out. I mean, no more SAT test or prospective college concerns. Again, you're in!

This doesn't mean you can take on a severe bout of senioritis (Hamilton will notice that), but it definitely does mean you have a definite place to be next year. In that sense, I and many of my soon-to-be-graduating peers envy you.  Essentially, you've found "employment" or some type of "job" thing. 

...But I'm getting into issues you really don't need to be concerned with. In short, here is your list of things to do before arrival:

1) Chill out and enjoy your senior year
2) Consider what things you need to buy to design your residence hall room
3) Purchase some flip flops for the early spring and mid-late fall. 
4) Get some nice clothes for the winter -- devoting significant time to warm stuff that you can wear in any situation
5) Check out the Hamilton Web site and start getting more in touch with your soon-to-be home.

That said, I'm sure I speak for the rest of the Hamilton community when I say we look forward to welcoming you here. Freshman year in college is a pretty awesome, life-changing experience. So, congrats!

Now...to those still working on your applications -- just know that the due date is coming soon, which also means that you will be done soon. We both know you're fully capable of doing the application and that your essay will turn out well. So, no reason to be concerned. You've got this. Good luck, and if you've got questions, you've got an array of bloggers and others to ask them to.

...Now back to finals...