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Snow Days

December 17, 2009   

1) I spent the majority of the past year and a half in desert-like regions. Snow and cold is freaking me out. I also forgot to bring sweatshirts...

A positive note -- this is a warmer year than normal. Now, like many of our generation, I regard global warming as a major crisis. Nonetheless, I personally can't do much more about it than I already am and will therefore revel in the higher than normal temperatures that have made this winter feel less like the Arctic and more like my hometown in New Jersey. 

2) Snow is a reminder that the semester is almost over, which means that I've got one more semester until graduation. Um -- still unemployed, still nervous, still loving life at college. Do I really need to go? 

3) I suck at snowboarding. It's awesome. It hurts. I wish I was better.

4) The snow was attached to my window and iced it shut. Normally, that's not a problem, except that I requested a boost to my thermostat and the response was so fast that I forgot to readjust my thermostat to compensate for the extra boost in heat. The short story is that I'm an idiot who occasionally roasts in his room in the middle of the winter. ...Still, it's nice to have heat. :)

Enough complaining though --

The snow highlights and campus and makes it rather beautiful. Maybe it's the creatively non-artistic side of me talking right now, but I tend to appreciate the aesthetic over much else. So, if the surroundings are beautiful, I feel pretty happy, especially since I wouldn't be able to draw a similar environment for myself on a canvas. It's picturesque these days...