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Farewell Marcel, Hello Finals

May 7, 2010   The Proust class met for the last time on Wednesday night, and it was a pretty sad event. We talked about how we felt when we had finished the book (I was stunned that it was actually over, and blown away by how epic the ending was) and read aloud our favorite quotes. What was truly bizarre was that out of somewhere in the vicinity of 4,600 pages of mind-gnawing, beautiful prose, another student in the class picked the same passage as I did! So weird - but somehow I'm not surprised! A shared experience of this sort is really cool and we have all become really close. To end the class, we created a massive Proust castle out of our books!

So now that my adventure with Marcel Proust is over, I have to focus on finals. But because today was the last day of classes (a.k.a. Class & Charter Day) it was definitely time for a break. After class, my friends and I went to the all-campus picnic and Passion Pit concert on the turf field. To be totally honest, I rarely go to concerts like that, but I'm glad I went to this one because it was really fun and I got to listen to music I would not have discovered on my own. After the concert, a bunch of us drove to get Tex Mex (Mexican food) and I had a huge burrito that my tiny body probably could not handle. Add to that the ice cream I bought on the way home, and you can picture the way I am currently sprawled out on my bed with my laptop like a fat lard.

It was totally worth it, though. Studying commences tomorrow — what fun! But the great part about finals week is that a few really great activities alleviate the stress of hard-core cramming. For example, I am going to a dinner for Writing Center tutors on Sunday at Sharon's house (Sharon Williams is the director of the Writing Center), a dinner for physics majors and minors on Monday, and a Student Involvement Recognition Luncheon on Monday. We have a couple of brass ensemble rehearsals this week too in preparation for our performance at graduation, and you OBV know how I feel about that! (I rarely abbreviate words like "obviously" unless I'm feeling particularly enthusiastic.) My friends and I also plan on going out to breakfast at some point. It's really not wise to study non-stop for a week, so we watch out for one another during finals and make sure to stay sane!