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A Little Festivity

December 7, 2012   

With the dark shadow of finals looming over our heads, some kind-hearted party has erected a spot of cheer on Campus.  Holiday lights line both the bridge on Martin’s Way and a large tree standing in front of KJ.  Small gestures like these go a long way in stressful times; they act as a small pat on the back.  So to whomever strung up these little lights, I say thank you.

My high school tried to do something similar.  When the end of the Semester neared and those seemingly immortal holiday songs played ad nauseam on the radio, we would gather the dorms together and attempt to create some sort of lights display in just half an hour.

Needless to say, it was madness—some students barked commands, others gave conflicting orders, and everyone looked confusedly at a box of tangled light-strings.  We did our best.

This is why I so greatly appreciate this little gesture; I’ve witnessed firsthand how complicated seemingly simple tasks can be.  Actually putting up these lights required a lot of careful effort—stringing the railings on the bridge, winding it around the tree, hanging lights from branches.  It takes a lot of time and planning to arrange these delicate decorations, especially if you want it to look authentic.

If you’ve ever tried to fully deck out the front of your house for the season, you truly understand all the effort that goes into a showing some cheer.

At first, I assumed that the holidays at Hamilton were left to the individual.  Finals are around the corner and few have the time or inclination to commit themselves to decoration.  It is certainly hard to get in the spirit with a paper, a lab and three incomplete study guides hanging over your head.  But someone surprised me; they took the initiative and made campus all the brighter.