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Accepted Students Day!

April 17, 2012   

AHHHHH! Monday was accepted students day!!! This is easily my most favorite day of the year— it brings back so many memories and a warm feeling when I think about the four years ahead for all the accepted students!

The weather was unrea — 80’s and sunny for the most part. This made work almost impossible (it actually did, I am behind on some assignments - hahaha).

After working in the morning at the financial aid office and speaking at an accepted students day panel for most of the afternoon, I walked around campus enjoying the weather.

What was really nice was that there were so many new friendly faces and personalities, all of whom I knew would fit in at Hamilton. The admissions office does a great job selecting Hamiltonians; I don’t know how they do it.

I spent the evening hanging out in Opus, reading, chatting with friends and people-watching fellow classmates soaking up the sun and having causal conversations. It was a very low key, relaxed and fun day to say the least.

I also went to a comedy performance by Eugene Mirman, an event sponsored by the Hamilton Democrats. Eugene is famous for his work on Adult Swim, Flight of the Concords and Bob’s Burgers. I would tell his jokes but they're not appropriate - hahaha. 

To those who came to Hamilton, felt at home and could picture themselves here, I encourage you to come and join our community on the Hill! I am sure you all have tough choices and decisions to make, but choose what is right for you.

(Cheers to all the accepted students! Hopefully those friendly faces will soon be familiar ones!)