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My Sunday

April 22, 2012   

I was going to recount Accepted Students day but alas, my fellow bloggers beat me to it.  So instead, I have decided to describe my day. It may be boring to the common folk but Hamilton isn’t all about social events and late night diner...we actually do work here. 

I awoke at 8:20 and went downstairs only to find a fresh batch of coconut granola. I then ventured over to the library with a buddy and plopped myself down at a big window desk. Not many students were up yet so the silence complemented the vastness of the library.  People started to trickle in after a while but surprisingly there were very few stories told about the previous night’s festivities. I left the library 2:45 hours later once my stomach started crying out for nourishment. 

Commons Dining Hall was its typical Sunday morning self: students were lingering around and talking amongst themselves in hopes that somehow, the longer they stayed there the more homework would vanish from the backpacks. If only that were true…

I set off for Kirner Johnson and found a table (a rarity at 1:30 on a Sunday) with the friend with whom I participated in the pitch competition. Our homework session was intermixed with jokes and study bursts. Some people work better when humor’s involved and I think it’s safe to say that a fair number of students here feel that way. At 3:45, I headed over to Opus for some group meeting time to prepare for a class presentation. Bring it on! 

Thank god for intramural soccer. In the middle of the game it started raining and I felt all the stress of working wash away. Our victory was fantastic but o so bittersweet. 

Now, I am writing this post from an Independent Music Fund (IMF) concert featuring John Vanderslice. His voice sounds like that of the Decembrist’s lead singer but John has got the personality of someone from the Bay Area. Check out the picture on my home page.