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Diner B...for Breakfast.

April 17, 2012   

Lately I've taken to hitting up the Diner for breakfast on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I don't have class til 10:30 and Commons stops serving breakfast at 10. More sleep for me!

I usually head up around 9:50 and get the same thing every day: scrambled eggs with american cheese and a hashbrown, accompanied by a cup of water and a cup of coffee. (Important side note: I am currently sitting in Opus 1 and smell fresh cookies. And by smell I mean I was just hit with a wave of heavenly goodness. Must...resist....)

"Diner B" is a term we like to use around here for when the diner closes on the weekends at 12, only to open up again at 12:30am to serve the full breakfast menu. Diner B almost always comes with epic dance songs playing far too loud (in a good way) on the jukebox, my favorite of which is Mr. Fahrenheit by Queen.  There are always people dancing and singing and making fools of themselves (myself absolutely included) up and down the aisles of Diner B.

Apart from that, Howard Diner is almost popular for lunch and dinner, and late night KJ study breaks. Real Diner Breakfast is much quieter. I grab my NYTimes and browse  for a while, and sometimes go back and forth with Wally behind the grill. Both he and Travor from Commons know my order by now. Hey- don't judge. I know what I like. ;)

See you Thursday morning!