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I Just Read a Book...for Fun?

April 14, 2009   Ever since my junior year in high school, my reading for pleasure time has all but disappeared. Now I can’t say this is because I’ve had no TIME to read, but rather just chose to make use of this free time doing other important things…like catching up on The Tudors, The Office, and LOST. I’m not ashamed to say I pass my remaining intellectual time catching up on television. After a day of Hamilton style studying and class preparation, one really needs a brain relaxer.

This weekend, however, I was feeling a bit under the weather. It’s always a bummer to be sick on a Hamilton weekend because you miss out on soooooo much….but oh well. My illness gave me the opportunity to plow through an entire box of DayQuil and a fabulous book. It had been YEARS since I last sat down and read a book cover to cover. Sorta reminded me of those times in middle school when I would curl up under my blankets in bed with a flashlight and a Nancy Drew book. I’m actually ashamed to say that over the last five years I have forgotten the simple pleasure of reading. Although reading about Freudian philosophy, women’s rights in Guatemala and Post-Revolutionary Chinese literature can be fascinating…it’s really nothing like getting caught up in a novel you selected yourself. So I made a new pact. No, I won’t quit watching television, but I will read two chapters in a novel of my choice every night before I go to bed.