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December 2, 2012   

HELLO! Thanksgiving break, a week long for Hamilton College students, was much needed and well enjoyed. I was the first to leave D.C. and last to return, not because I didn’t want to come back but because I was late in getting flights back - hahah.

Today my roommates and I decided to explore the neighborhoods a bit more and take advantage of the Smithsonian Postal Museum. Along the way, we went to Cleveland Park, just up the street from our apartments and discovered these stores and small shops - and just as the program is ending. Shame really, but at least now we know, and we have plans to come back for the summer.

Later in the day we also went to the National Postal Museum. I thought it was fascinating that mail is electronically read, filtered and organized by cameras in a sorting facility. There was also Owney, an orphaned dog who traveled with the mail trains all across the country and was loved by all postal service workers. Some believed he was a good sign because no train had had an accident with Oweny on board!

In the evening we went to watch Skyfall, the latest James Bond Installment, at a movie theater just up the street. The Uptown Theater is huge! Because of it’s size, it reminded me of the Stanley Theater in Utica.     

I’m in the final stretch of my program. Only a week and a half left! It’s crazy how time flies, but you just got to try and enjoy every minute of it.