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Eerie, Eerie? Quite the Contreerie

October 15, 2007   I had a very productive fall break. I drove myself to Dartmouth College in the rain on Thursday night (again, no Friday class works in my favor) with my keyboards and a toothbrush to spend time with my musical compatriots in Filligar. We got a lot of practice in, rehearsed in preparation for our Thanksgiving show at the Lion's Den in New York City, and formulated a game plan as to how we're going to push our recently released album (see my post: Free Fridays). I spent Saturday with my friend Pete addressing close to forty envelopes to college radio stations around the country. It looks like I'll have to do a lot more of that kind of work in the future, but it's fun work if I think about the pay-off and not my cramping hand.

Back to study for a mid-term that I have on Wednesday, I've been able to catch up on emails, finish upcoming readings, and generally be very productive. Our fraternity composite photos are next Wednesday and Thursday, so I'm concentrating a lot of my solitary focus on growing my mustache in before then, too. While I look forward to all of my friends' return, I have been enjoying the meditative environment.

Maybe part of my happiness lies in the fact that my Packers (5-1) are tied for the best record in the NFC...