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Winter Is Coming

November 2, 2012   

I’ll never get used to having snow in November. I mean, I’ll probably never get used to snow at all, but days like today that are pockmarked with errant bouts of snow never cease to stun me. But even though the weather’s been cold and wet this week, life on campus has been quite the opposite. 

Tonight is just one example of how much fun life at Hamilton can be, despite the chill of upstate New York. There was a showing of The Dark Knight Rises in the Kirner-Johnson Building early (with free popcorn!) and after that was a performance by the famed bluegrass group, The Seldom Scene, in Wellin Hall. (I have never wanted to learn the banjo more in my life than after that concert.) And later still tonight, there are multiple student-run parties, including a dance-off between two of the dance groups on campus and a soiree held by the Ballroom Dance Club.

But this kind of jam-packed week isn’t unusual at Hamilton; we Continentals don’t waste any free time. When we’re not studying, we’re off trying to make memories and broaden our horizons. Even on this little hill, we manage to bring in musical performances and guest speakers and other amazing events to experience – and when that’s not enough, we draw from the amazing, sometimes hidden talents of our fellow students.

Events at Hamilton aren’t just mildly entertaining; they’re eye-opening.