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F-R-I-D-A-Y Spells Relief

March 13, 2008   The week before spring break at Hamilton is not a designated "finals," or "midterms," or "that huge research paper assigned on the first day of class is due" week, but it may as well be. Everyone I know was holed up in the library or Science Center like it was the end of the semester, trying to get everything done before leaving campus for break.

I was a part of that lucky assemblage; I had a Jazz Composing and Arranging composition due on Monday, and two economics exams today (one in Health Economics and one in Economics of Innovation and Technology). Somehow, probably by the grace of the holy academia deities, I made it through the week. Now, only one hour-long Beatles class separates me from Spring Break.

Big weeks like this one definitely bring out the former in Hamilton's "work hard, play hard" mantra. I was able to sit down with fraternity brothers and other friends and forget about the upcoming weekend's social scene. Truth be told, I felt completely prepared for both of my big exams, and believe I did pretty well on both.

I think, now that I have some time, I'll watch a movie, do some reading about the Beatles and their Sgt. Pepper days, and get to bed early. After all, I have some serious dreaming to catch up on.