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The first week back

March 31, 2007   

Spring Break was a lot of fun, but it really is nice to be back. When I left, about three feet of snow was blanketing the ground and the temperature had been freezing for several days. Upon returning to campus, almost all of the snow had melted and with the gradual climb in temperature, it seems like spring is finally here. The daylight savings adjustment was a big help too, obviously. Now we can eat dinner, come back out side and it is still light out!


Right now, it is a crisp 51 degrees outside. There is a sizeable group of people on the Hill outside my window taking advantage of the nice weather. I can see some lacrosse and Frisbee action. There is even someone carrying a big plastic playground ball. I can also hear music – somebody lugged a pretty powerful sound system outside to provide some entertainment.


This kind of scene is pretty typical for springtime at Hamilton. Most people are eager to get out of their rooms after the winter months, and the campus provides a multitude of options for outdoor activity. Acres and acres of trails through the woods for hiking, sprawling quads for hanging out, outdoor seating near the dining halls for the al fresco experience – the list goes on. Basically, the closer and closer we get to the end of the school year, the more fun it gets around here.


My first week back hasn’t been all fun, though. I had two term papers due on Thursday, which was also the same day that I picked up a rather unpleasant stomach virus. So, I got to suffer through the day in my room. Thankfully, there was an "Office" marathon on Thursday night, and I think that cured me of my illness. After all, laughter is the best medicine. All my teachers were very understanding and allowed me to hand in my work on Friday, and I have already made up the work that I missed.