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Where I've Been the Last Few Weeks

March 31, 2007   A Brief Update…

Forgive my absence.  I’ve had my hands tied with a senior thesis and various other chores. 
    Spring break was lovely.  I returned to sunny California where I had a few days to relax with my folks before I played host to a couple of guests.  My mom and I visited the Norton Simon Museum of Art and saw an impressive collection of Impressionist paintings.  I’m not much of an art-buff but I do like Impressionism, probably because it welcomes (in my uninformed opinion) decadently painted odalisques and self-mutilating painters.  I should mention that I would not have remembered anything about the paintings if my mom hadn’t insisted on purchasing an audio-guide.  My audio-guide had two settings: one for the veteran culture-vulture, and one for the veteran culture-vulture’s children.  You can guess which setting I used. 
    After the museum I put in some dad-time.  My dad and I are different in many ways but we share two Californian pastimes: (1) going to the gym and (2) watching stupid television.  When we go to the gym we end up doing more talking then exercising, and when we watch TV it’s not long before the first commercial launches us into any number of conversations.  The theme of our conversations this break was my least favorite: what to do after college. 
    Though I don’t know exactly what I’ll do when I graduate, I hosted a friend who’s sure he wants to get his PhD in Slavic Languages and Literatures.  I tried to be a good tour-guide, which is difficult considering how lackluster Los Angeles is as a city.  My friend lives on the east coast and he seemed happy to be out in the sun for a couple of days.  The day my friend left for home was also the day my girlfriend came out to visit.  At my mom’s urging, I took the girlfriend to Las Vegas because the weather in California had gone from sunny to dreary.  Needless to say, the desert was much warmer.  We took in a show, lost some money in the casinos, and drank margaritas by the pool.  With the real world quickly-approaching, I thought to myself that life would never be so good again.   
    Now that I’m back on the Hill I’ll have to spend most of my time finishing my thesis, which is on Faulkner.  As of now, I only have one sentence: “Faulkner was a real son of a bitch.”  I also have to make some serious decisions about my future.  I’ve been accepted to a pricy MFA poetry program in New York City, but I think I’d like to work before I pay tuition that far exceeds the amount of money most poets make in a lifetime.  Hopefully I’ll be allowed to defer for a year or two. 
    Anyway, that about sums up the last couple of weeks.  I’ll write something again soon.