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Winner Winner Russian Dinner

December 12, 2010   Dinner last night was anything but ordinary. I went to my Russian professor's house with my class, hung out and enjoyed a ridiculous amount of food. Professors invite their classes over a lot at Hamilton; this the second time in the last two semesters I've been to one of my professors houses for dinner. It's really nice too. You get to meet their families, enjoy some pretty awesome food and see what they're like outside of the school setting.

Having small class sizes makes it really easy for them to invite the entire class over. It's just one of those nice perks you can't get at most schools. I love it. But hey, I'd be lying if the food wasn't one of my favorite parts of these visits. At Professor Bartle's house last night, I had never eaten about 90% of the foods I tried, but after appetizers and four additional courses, I was in heaven. The appetizers were excellent, the pierogies were awesome, and the cake was to die for, but the borscht was far and away my favorite food of the night. I'd never had it in my life, but I could simply not get enough. Mmm mmm mmm!