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My Pleasant Saturday

February 7, 2010   In college there are busy days, stressful days, long days, and crazy days, but once in a while comes a pure, easy-going, relaxing days.  Work can wait until tomorrow.  Sometimes we all need a break.

My day started at Commons brunch.  There was no one in the waffle line so I took full advantage and made myself a fluffy confection with a touch of syrup and whipped cream.  Feeling satisfied, I headed over to the fitness center and went through my (somewhat) routine work-out.  Maybe it was the waffles working through my digestive system, but I didn't quite run as much as I had planned.  Oh well....

I finished my workout just before the scheduled start time of the men and women's swimming and diving meet, so I headed over to watch.  It was my first time going to a swim meet — the place was packed!  I saw Hamilton race to a few first-place finishes (including a 1,2,3 finish in the men's 50 meter, if I'm not mistaken), and saw some high-flying dives.  I left about half-way through, confident that both teams would bring home the victory (they did).

I made my way back to my room, and on my desk was a note from my roommate: "went to play snow football on Minor field...will be back in an hour."  Since it was probably one of the most gorgeous and sunniest days I've had this winter, I figured I needed to spend at least a little time outside.  So I joined my roomie and about 10 other people for a little bit of pre-Super Bowl action.  My crowning achievement was coming up with about 5 plays that never went according to plan, but always ended in a touchdown.

After that bro-time came some girl-time.  For no particular reason, my friends and I decided to make crepes in our suite, and did so with great success.  Our crepe dinner occurred concurrently with another suite dinner, so I went upstairs to join in the fun.  I was delighted to see my friend's parents had come to visit — they're my usual stand-in parents over Family Weekend in the fall.

And finally, with dinner, came a show.  We skipped over to Wellin Hall to see the choir's production of Carousel.  Despite the grim subject matter, I thoroughly enjoyed the beautiful singing and the graceful dance sequences.  

And with that, my Saturday was all but over.  Time to get back to work...