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An eventful start to the week

April 18, 2006   

Okay, so I went to see Mira Nair talk on Sunday and KJ Aud was pretty packed for her lecture. She initially spoke about her upbringing and how she first got into film, and then spoke a little about various film making experiences. Her lecture lasted about 45 minutes, and was followed by a question and answer session. Although I did not ask any questions, many others did and the audience was very active. Before the lecture, I found out that she would be having a similar type question and answer session the following day, in Cafe Opus. Unfortunately, I did not make it to this second session, but I am sure it was just as interesting. As I said in my last post, this was my first time seeing a Hollywood director speak, and I hope I can have the opportunity to do so again.  For me, it's always nice to hear artists reflect on their work and explain it to those who are willing to listen.

Then Monday arrived and I found myself in KJ Aud once again, but this time I was doing the talking. A few other students and I spoke with a large group of accepted students and their parents about our respective experiences at Hamilton. Once again, KJ Aud was nearly filled to capacity and the students and parents were very interested, and asked a lot of good questions. Questions ranged from topics about social life at Hamilton to the wintertime weather up on the hill. Fortunately for us students on the panel, the parents and students seemed satisfied with our answers and I was happy we could answer all of their questions. After all of the tours and events they have attended, I am sure the accepted students left with a good idea of what life at Hamilton is like.