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My New Best Friend...The Librarian

February 25, 2009   Over the last three weeks, I have been spending an inordinate amount of time in the library. Since this isn’t my typical study spot, or my favorite campus location, many of my friends have sent me confused emails along these lines…

“Kaitlin, did you disappear?”
“Do you really go to Hamilton?”
“You silly southern girl…have you been hiding in your room and avoiding the snow?”

My close friends know to search for me in Café Opus, the Science Center Atrium, or KJ during the week…but recently I haven’t visited any of these places. Why? Well guys, it’s called senior thesis…times two! (One for Spanish + One for Chinese = Whoop! Whoop!) For this reason, the Burke Librarians have become my new closest friends. I don’t want to say I’ve replaced my Hamilton friends…but sometimes it feels that way. Allow me to share the following example.

10:00pm – I’m sitting in my room, sipping some tea, and reading an analysis of Cuban Film in the 80’s.

10:05pm – I realize the article on Chilean Dictatorship cited in the footnotes would be VERY useful for my thesis.

10:10pm – Major road block…I can’t find the article in our resource bank online.

10:11pm – Notice an “Ask the Librarian” link on the bottom right corner of the webpage and click. Lovely message box pops up and I type in a question.

10:12pm – Ding! A librarian gets back to me and asks what article I need.

10:15pm – She asks me how the research is going and I find myself growing more and more amused by this “Instant Message a Librarian” feature.

Within three minutes, this wonderful, life-saving librarian sent me the article as an email attachment and I got back to reading. Amazing, isn’t it? I did research and didn’t even have to leave my room! I’m starting to believe there’s no such thing as “no” in Burke Library…who knew we had those kinds of resources!