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Running Through the Line

November 12, 2012   

In Track and Cross Country, there exists the notion of “running through the line.”  It means that when finishing a race, an athlete cannot give up a few strides before the finish.  Despite the pain, an athlete races just a few meters past the line, even when he has long since left the field.  It is the ending that makes all the difference.  Those last few steps, the ones that hurt the most, are the strides that set records, make victories and find defeats.  Always keep running.

As of this moment, I am engaged in an academic race; I am vigorously running through the line.  Thanksgiving break arrives in just a few days, and my professors are fitting in those last examinations before 10  days of vacation. 

Today, I gave a presentation in German and had a quiz in Psychology.  Just a few moments ago, I returned from a 90-minute economics exam.  Before the week is out, I will begin research for two psychology lab reports, begin writing an article for The Continental – a student-run publication on the Hill – and finish a problem set for calculus.

As of this moment my head feels hazy and drained, but still determined. Exams, quizzes, presentations and articles are all part of the Hamilton experience; they are the very reason I go to school.  In this instance, they all come at once.  These are the grades that make all the difference.

The way I see it, I am finishing a sprint.  I don’t worry about pacing, relaxing, or any other distraction surrounding the course.  I adopt a sort of tunnel vision, and all I can see is that finish line at the end of the week.  I make it through Friday, and it will all be worth it.  I can rest up and come back to Hamilton ready for more.

Once I return from break, it’s just a few weeks to final examinations!