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Pumpkins and Candy and Costumes

November 3, 2006   Saturday night I went to a Halloween party. Unfortunately, I waited too long to get my costume (aka I went that day) and Wal-mart had been picked over. I ended up getting these obnoxious, glittery wings that ended up being far too irritating, and I didn’t want to smack people in the face with them the whole night. So I ended up going as myself…with way more makeup than usual. Among the attendants were a pack of skeletons, Winnie the Pooh, and the Super Mario Brothers.
    On Sunday I watched the silent vampire film Nosfertu, which was shown in KJ auditorium. The “Devil Music Ensemble” provided a live soundtrack, which made it a lot better than just renting it. I must admit, I did jump a couple of times, and I contribute it entirely to the eerie music.
    Monday, Commons Dining Hall had a pumpkin carving contest. I haven’t done that in forever! And when you’re a kid, you never really do it yourself. You pick out the most elaborate design and ask your parents for “help.” As soon as they’re carving away, you leave, watch some TV, eat candy and come back when it’s all finished. So I was excited for this contest. I was in the pumpkin carving zone. It had ghosts on it…and flames! Oh, it was something to behold. And I guess it paid off, because I won (not to brag or anything). Plus, I didn’t get a skimpy bag of candy. No, Commons went all out for this one. They gave me a portable DVD player. Thanks Commons!
    On Tuesday, I did my good deed and volunteered for Trust Treat, a program that brings Utica children to the campus for trick-or-treating. I donned my gold Mardi Gras mask and wings and took my group to various designated spots on campus. Chemistry students put on spooky science demonstrations, Emerson Hall and the Afro-Latin Cultural Center were “haunted,” and suites and halls gave out candy. Unfortunately, I wasn’t allowed to trick-or-treat myself, but I did help myself to a few pieces of candy.