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February 20, 2011   

And then there was grass …

Last week Hamilton students got the first glimpse of grass in months. The sun was shining and the weather was warm. I even busted out my shorts and flip-flops from the back of my closet. Finally a hard week was over and the weekend had begun.

On Saturday I went to see the dodgeball tournament. Some friends were participating and it seemed like a fun way to avoid doing homework. Teams were already assembled wearing matching outfits. There was a bit of everything, from All-Blacks (with black paint under their eyes), to a method-acting Penguin team who rarely broke character, to a whole Pokemon team (with a poke-ball included). Al Ham made a special appearance. His dodgeball talents taught me that it’s easier to catch balls with hoofs than you’d think.

Three, two, one, cue whistle blow!

Students would run towards each other to get the colorful balls that lay motionless in the middle. In Argentina we play differently, we only have one ball. It’s a much slower and longer game. At Hamilton, games began and finished in a matter of minutes.

Cooper Creagan was playing with some of his friends and they did a very good job. Kudos to them!

At one moment Beau Brians ’13 came up to me and asked me if I could play on his team. Next thing I know I’m taking my boots off, rolling up my jeans and dodging balls left and right. I joined Beau’s Christian Fellowship team who unfortunately were missing some people. We were 4 against 7. But hey, we had God on our side.

The teams battled their way to the top and when the championship ended I went to see the FebFest fireworks. I felt like I was in a Katy Perry music video, it was amazing. Truly beautiful. A sparkling sky over a not-so-snow-covered campus.

Congrats to everyone who played dodgeball! It was really entertaining!