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Happy (Belated) Valetine's Day!

February 15, 2013   

Valentine’s Day and the week surrounding it are a huge deal here at Hamilton. February can be a dreary month in Central New York, but with all the activities and traditions that happen throughout this week, the dead of winter is anything but lifeless.

Firstly, this was the week of Feb Fest, an annual celebration including concerts, food-tastings, parties, performances and fireworks. The figure-skating team put on a lovely show, and there was more chocolate than anyone knew what to do with. Every day was filled with so much to do, that it was literally impossible to do everything!

Then, of course, there was Valentine’s Day itself. As if the general air of festivity and love wasn’t enough, the entire campus went over the top this year in celebration. As usual, the all-male a capella group, The Buffers, sold what they call Buffergrams – beautiful, singing telegrams – and spent their entire day marching across campus, interrupting classes and waking up sleeping strangers to deliver heart-felt and silly messages of love from boyfriends, girlfriends, best friends, roommates and, on occasion, spouses. (A neighbor of mine was woken by a fantastic rendition of The Beatles’ “All My Lovin’.” I wasn’t complaining.)

Besides the day-long excitement of the Buffergrams, there was also a candle-lit walk in the glen, sponsored by the Outdoors Club, and a performance of the Vagina Monologues produced by the Womyn’s Center (which I performed in for the first time and thoroughly enjoyed). Couples could be seen all day, being gross and lovey and adorable; singles could be seen enjoying the festivities and all the free chocolate. Professors could be seen controlling their annoyance at the untimely interruptions from the Buffers. All-in-all, it was a fantastic day at Hamilton.

This weekend also holds many outrageous and meaningful traditions. For members and friends of the Posse Program – a national scholarship program that focuses on leadership and kinship – this weekend brings the annual Posse Plus Retreat, a weekend-long sleepover getaway, where Hamilton Posse members and their guests spend all day (and night) playing games and learning more about each other and their community. From what I hear, the Posse Retreat forges friendships and brings everyone a little closer together.

And then, finally, Saturday night holds the biggest event of them all: The Rocky Horror party extravaganza. The one night of the year where people brave the cold to wear their favorite Rocky Horror Picture Show-inspired outfits and dance the night away. Sequins and fishnets and drag-show makeup are ubiquitous. Glitter gets everywhere. It’s a night we look forward to all winter long.

February is a cold, dark time in the north, there’s no denying it. But on the Hill, it’s one of the best months of the year.