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Ashes to Ashes

February 26, 2009   

So Hamilton has a neat little Catholic service. We have Mass on Sunday in our iconic three story chapel, mercifully at 1:00 pm to give us sinners time to get out of bed. Father (Fad-der) Croghan is an old Irish priest, but the good kind. You know, not the kind with a ruler.

About 20-30 Catholics show up for church on a regular basis. But the college is lousy with Catholics, and about 100 showed up for the ash distribution. About 20 more followed when they saw their besmirched peers and remembered it was Ash Wednesday. As Father Croghan says, if you give something away, the flock comes flocking.

It’s nice going to church, very wholesome. I went to a Catholic middle school, but I had never been to church before that and was always nervous about messing something up and going to Hell. I had to watch my peers ten times before I figured out how to do the sign of the cross correctly. And after that I went to a hippie commune high school, where my biology teacher taught evolution by saying, “God is dead.” Yeah, religion is a little less intense here. The 1:00 pm time definitely helps.

Today’s Shout-Out! goes to my little church friends: Ashley, Lauren, Julianne, Julie, Tongxin and Elijah. So not going to Hell!