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Fireworks and snow

February 18, 2012   

Yesterday felt like spring, and it looked like it too. The sky was clear and the clouds took their own curious shapes. If you had asked me, I would have said winter is over. But I am glad to say that it’s not.

Around 5:00 p.m., the most beautiful, fluffy snow started to fall. When you picked up the snow it felt like cotton, and it didn’t sting my hands. The snow looked like true snowflakes, and it was one of the best snows I’ve ever experienced. Some friends and I had an impromptu snowball fight, and the whole community was enthralled I think by the nice surprise. I saw people dancing on Martin’s Way.

Later in the evening, fireworks went off – part of the many FebFest activities. Against the backdrop of the white sky and the freshly fallen snow, it made for one of the more picturesque scenes I’ve ever seen in my time here. Today, the snow remains, and while it is not as beautiful as the freshly made bed of snow, it still is quite nice outside. Winter indeed has its pleasures. I can wait for spring a little longer.