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Yodapez: The Extended Director's Cut

May 4, 2008   It all began on Friday night and still early by Hamilton weekend standards. A hundred something students milled about the Fillius Events Barn; memorizing raffle ticket numbers, chatting about impending papers, making requests for after-party information, shuffling for good seats, staring at an empty stage, and seeking napkins for fingers covered in Superpie sauce and wing juices.

What's a superpie? Well, suffice it to say that a Superpie is to a regular-delivery pizza as Marie Antoinette's dresses are to modern cocktail numbers. And yes, that was a nod to the good ol' SAT for those of you about to finish high school.

Superpies were a must for such an epic event. Nothing else could offer the necessary endurance boost. The energy converted directly into reserve pockets of back-up laughter and sustained focus in order to remain alert for an hour and forty minutes of improv. That's right! One hour and forty minutes of pure unadulterated improv.

Actually, that's a bit of a simplification: we also gave away prizes, performed a series of found texts from Facebook.com, acted out four 30-second comedy sketches, interviewed a lucky audience member, and bathed fully clothed on stage. Thanks to those who held out for just short of two hours, caught all the action and might have left a bit more damp than when they arrived.