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February 12, 2007   

February in Clinton, NY. These are the times that really try men’s souls. It’s cold, it’s dark, and it hasn’t stopped snowing in about a week. Thankfully, there is a weeklong extravaganza of fun to distract us from our dreary circumstances. It’s called FebFest.


FebFest has its origins a long, long way back in Hamilton history, before the 1900s. By the 1950s, though, the winter carnival (as it was known then) faded from existence. In 2000, a group of ambitious Hamilton students sought to revamp the festival, and what they came up with is our current FebFest. Basically, FebFest is a week (eight days, to be exact) of events designed to get students outside – or at least out of their rooms.


The week kicked off on Saturday night with a comedy show featuring three comedians. Christian Finnegan headlined the event. He is best known for his appearances on Comedy Central, VH1’s Best Week Ever and an appearance on Chappelle’s Show. All three comedians were quite funny, although the names of the other two elude me at the moment.


Sunday was relatively tame, as many students use the day for rest and work. However, there was a snow-football contest, as well as an a cappella concert at night, which I unfortunately couldn’t make it to, but that I am sure was good.


Today FebFest picks up a bit more momentum, and it will continue like this for the rest of the week. Tonight there is a “Pizza War” in which students can sample pizza from all of the local pizza joints. (There are about eight, I think) There is also a skating party in the hockey rink and a pop culture trivia contest in The Little Pub.


The rest of the week is packed with events to suit anyone’s interests. There are two concerts, snowball fights, cross country skiing by candlelight, chocolate tastings, wine and beer tastings (for those of age), theme dinners, karaoke parties, movies – you name it. On the last night of FebFest, this Saturday, there will even be a fireworks display. As you can imagine, I am very excited to take advantage of what FebFest has to offer.