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Heading for Home

April 1, 2011   After a long spring break, it's really nice to be back on the Hill. The past two years, I've noticed that coming back to Hamilton after that two-week break (Reason #324 to go to Hamilton: Two weeks of Spring Break) is like entering a completely different world. Gone is the wind and the cold; gone are the inches of snow, the knit hats, the mittens and gloves. In their place are the green grass, tans and the joys of spring. Everyone's just really excited to be here. I mean, heck, my Russian class has been marching around the classroom and down the stairs singing the "Crocodila Genya" song all week, and we're having a collective birthday party on Monday.

My friends and I are in the process of figuring out what we're going to do for housing next year. Our housing lottery numbers come out soon, and we're hoping for some good ones. There's not much reason to worry, though. Hamilton has some pretty sweet housing options. So good, in fact, that most students spend all four years on campus. And why would you leave when you could have a suite with your own kitchen, a single with your own bathroom or practically anything in between.

For those of you considering coming to Hamilton, chew on this: There are juniors and seniors who are fighting to get the rooms you'll live in during your first year. If you've been on a tour, you've basically seen the room I lived in last year: a huge quad with a private bathroom in South. Of course, there are other options. "Dark Side" doubles are spacious and, because the dorms are small in size, you'll really get to know everyone you're living with. If you get a quad or double in Dunham, you'll be in the biggest dorm on campus and get the complete freshman living experience -- practically everyone around you is a freshman, and meeting people is super easy. North is in a great location, right next to the library, near the gym and all the "Light Side" classrooms. Plus, there's Wertimer, which is more like a house than a dorm. There, you'll take a class with your dormmates and get to enjoy a really tight-knit community.

Basically, there's something for everyone. And the options only get better as your choices increase with each passing year.