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Back on the Hill!

January 26, 2013   

After a sunny month at home in Texas, I’m back at Hamilton, and super excited for the new semester. Life’s a bit hectic right now, what with the choir’s upcoming performance of Iolanthe (a fantastic Gilbert and Sullivan operetta nobody’s ever heard of) and settling into a new schedule, but it’s just so great to be back on campus with my friends.

Thanks to the Hamilton Democrats, BLSU and the Womyn’s Center, a group of us was able to take a bus down to D.C. Sunday night in time for the Presidential Inauguration on Monday. It was a fantastic experience, standing in the crowd and waving my flag, listening to the speeches and performances. Even though I was barely awake for my classes the next day, it was completely worth it, and I never would have gotten that chance without Hamilton.

Clinton is absolutely beautiful right now. There’s snow everywhere, and everything’s still and peaceful and white. The view outside my window is so lovely, I get distracted from my work and have to shut my blinds! I’ve never been a fan of snow and the cold, but Hamilton’s starting to change my mind.

All-in-all, this semester’s looking bright already! Can’t wait to see what new adventures this spring will bring.