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Tears for Fears at the End of the School Year

May 5, 2008   I have no final exams this semester. Phew, right? Still, I have plenty of stuff to accomplish before leaving the hill this spring, which is making me want to (excuse me while I pun) Shout....

Aside from the school work I have left (including two papers, a presentation, and a test), I have a lot of other stuff to accomplish. The most pressing on that laundry list is... laundry. I have completely neglected that part of my college life in lieu of studies and social activities, so it's time to catch up. The other stuff is mostly run of the mill, end-of-year stuff. I have to bring my heavier belongings to storage. I have to register in the parking lottery for next year. I have to return the library books I've borrowed.

On Class and Charter Day, being the most glorious of holidays, I will celebrate the year that was with my peers and brothers. The weather appears unfortunately dubious this year, a circumstance we haven't had to deal with over the past two C&C days. But rain or shine, I'm sure that everyone will persevere in the celebration and be just as spirited, if not slightly muddier.

Recently divulged to me is another commitment that will make the end of the year significantly more hectic. My band, Filligar, took an offer to perform at Chicago's Metro for this Saturday, May 10. It is a great opportunity for us, so we gave the booker an emphatic "yes!"; however, the trip will be tough. I am flying out of Albany for the night to perform in Chicago, then flying back so I can finish my papers and get my car to drive back.

Overall, I'm sad this year is coming to a close. It has been my greatest year at Hamilton so far, but next year is looking good, too. After all, Everybody Wants to Rule the World.... and with that terrible T4F joke, I bid you adieu... until next post.