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Student Employment

April 13, 2012   

There are two employment options for students: one that requires very little strenuous work and one that does. Take working in the multimedia record office: it is in a small office at the top floor of the language and mathematics building. I am sure the lab has some great footage but the internet makes searching for any media-related documents very simple. Another example is working in the gym: apart from swiping people in and occasionally checking everyones general safety, there’s sufficient time to watch tv, read, or finish a calculus problem set. I’m not saying that either job is bad. It just depends on how much you’re willing to work for your paycheck. 

On the other hand, there’s being a barista at Café Opus or a phone-a-thoner for the fundraising/alumni offices. The former involves constant bustling to grab coffee and replenish the milk station, talking to teachers that come by, and cleaning whenever there’s no line of customers.  Being a phone-a-thoner requires constant talking to alumni, some of whom may be more sociable than others, and encouraging them to donate money. There’s no time whatsoever to do homework, but at the same time your shift goes by much faster.