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A Jumpy Entry, Sans Continuity

November 6, 2006   A Jumpy Entry, Sans Continuity

I’m a leg-shaker, but not in the sense of “Hey, let’s shake-a-leg.” Ask my friends and they’ll tell you, “Yup, he shakes his leg alright.  Twitches his limbs all damned day.”  I wasn’t always a leg-shaker.  There was a time when I actually had an attention span, when I used to be able to sit still for hours without my mind wandering or my knees keeping pace with the rhythm of idleness.  But that was a long time ago, long before I learned about Virginia Woolf, unreliable narrators, the history of liturgical dramas, etc.  It’s not that classes bore me—I LOVE my classes—did you hear that, Professors Balhke, Latrell, and Rabinowtz?—I LOVE them.  I like the material, I like the discussions, I like building upon my repository of interesting things to say at parties, but I do not like the rush.  I suppose it’s my fault for not managing my time well enough, but still, it’s difficult to stay focused on two hundred pages of book A when I know that book B must also be read by tomorrow, lest I should get a C on the paper due at the end of the week.  I need a pocket planner or something, maybe a secretary.  Maybe a life-coach/drill sergeant to follow me around and shout words of encouragement into my ear; “Come on, Leiman.  You can do it, maggot!  Stay on schedule, dirtbag!”  
    Thankfully, I have these nice little interludes of journal writing or squash or cleaning my room, all of which help to divide the academic rigor into semi-manageable segments.  I also have the ability to surprise myself, which is a very important thing to have.  Just the other day I ordered a CD of Polish Jazz music.  I heard samples of Tomasze Stanko’s trumpet on the radio and just had to have my own copy.  And I’m not even Polish! 
    I’ve also started paying attention to the real world again.  Every once in a while, I fall into these funks of complete self-indulgence when nothing matters in the world except Hamilton College and myself.  Thanks to this season’s elections, the carnage in the middle east, and today’s headline about Saddam Hussein, I’m back to reading the news; the state of the world is just too darned interesting to ignore it any longer.  What a fascinating world we live in!  What a depressing world!  What a joyous world!  What a silly world! 
    Given the rambling nature of this entry, I’d like to end with the following joke. 

Q: How many students with crappy attention spans does it take to change a
     light bulb?