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Office of Admission
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April 1, 2013   

As many of you are aware, the final admission decisions were posted online on Thursday, so let me be one of many people to congratulate everyone who was accepted! I remember how stressful March and April were when I was senior, and how nerve-wracking it was to open the letter and/or email that could decide your very future. (And how relieving it was once everything was over and you could just enjoy the rest of high school.)

But the process isn’t over yet! It’s the final countdown, ladies and gents, and the last step is all on you – where do you want to spend the next four years? Of course, I’m inclined to tell you “HAMILTON, OF COURSE,” but how helpful would that be? Instead, let me tell you why I chose Hamilton, when I originally had no intention of coming here at all.

After a long debate between a few schools (not including Hamilton), I all but decided on Colgate. Being from Texas, it was a bit of an ordeal visiting Central New York, so when my parents and I flew up, my mother insisted on seeing Hamilton too, because she was sure I’d like it.

After a somewhat unsettling Admitted Students Tour and Info session at Colgate, we headed up the road to Clinton to visit Hamilton. It was rainy and I was tired and set on Colgate, so I wasn’t expecting much as we approached the Hill. But as soon as we passed by the brightly colored buildings and entered the cozy Admission Office, I knew there was something special about Hamilton. It just felt right.

(Not to mention I then learned about the emphasis on developing writing skills and the virtually open curriculum, as well as the tiny student body and the strength of the community on the Hill. But never doubt your gut reactions; they rarely lead you astray.)

So, after that one visit almost exactly two years ago, I decided immediately on Hamilton, and have yet to regret that decision. These past three-and-a-half semesters have been the most wonderful and life-changing months of my life, and though my time at Hamilton is not yet halfway over, I can assuredly state that I have grown and changed into a person that I can be proud of, and I will continue to grow and change and be influenced by the wonderful people here at Hamilton College.