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The Yodapez Taco Bell Barefoot West Side Story Show

December 9, 2007   Yesterday, I believe we gave a few members of our sizable audience their first lesson in absurdist theatre.

People arrived in hordes to get first dibs on a burrito or two (three if they were sneaky) and then were asked to remove their shoes. KJ Auditorium doesn't have a particularly delicate or soft carpet, but it was a group decision that shoes, even in the audience, were a corruption of the performance and would no longer be allowed.

Courtney took roll from our Facebook event's "attending list".  After publicly berating Nick Fesette's absence on his profile wall, she started her introduction. Without word that the show had begun, David Moroney and I tumbled out of what is essentially a glorified cubby hole onto the stage, soon followed by a shirtless Stephen Michel. A bit flustered, we straightened our disheveled clothes while the rest of the gang snapped with fury down through the audience until we were all assembled to perform a semi-rehearsed, semi-stolen jazz number worthy of Off-Broadway. Then we started the show...

Some games were played, but mostly we just acted like crazy people to the laughter, confusion, and boisterous applause of a faithful audience. It was an experiment in chaos and negative space.

It was hailed as our finest show by some, others left satisfied, if somewhat bewildered, and no one could say, "Too bad there wasn't Mexican food"... unless they were talking about real Mexican food. Then, I suppose, they had a genuine complaint.