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Finals Week

December 9, 2007   The holiday parties on campus are all done, and it's time to settle in to a manageable, yet challenging, finals week. Classes are completely done, so I can find a comfortable chair in the library and not move for 6 days, which is entirely probable.
    My finals week schedule is pretty unique. This is the first year that I haven't had to take four traditional finals--but that doesn't mean I'm getting off easy. I have a take-home Environmental Econ exam, an oral exam for my Property and the Rise of the Modern State course, a final Orchestration project, and a reflection for World Music still to do. I'll be sticking around campus until the bitter end, since my oral is on the final Sunday of exams, and then it's a 15-hour drive back to 10 degree weather in Madison, WI.

    When I put it like that, it doesn't sound like a great week. I'm hoping the incentive of a very exciting winter break (to be detailed in this journal at a later date) will keep me focused.

    Off to the library....