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Dear Laura Lee Smith,

February 11, 2010   

You're coming for spring break, and in celebration, I'm already mapping out your visit. Here's our agenda for when you get down here. It's not a traditional agenda, insofar as it's not chronological; it's broken down into more functional (at least for us) units of activity. Food, to be specific.

1. Olive Garden. More of those deep-fried lasagna things, all while overlooking scenic Times Square.

2. Cupcake Taste-Test: Magnolia vs. Crumb. I'm currently obsessed with Magnolia Bakery (there are three of them! So much buttercream!), but those in the know tell me that it pales in comparison to Crumb. We'll figure it out; I mean, we're the experts on this.

3. Perilla. The original Top Chef restaurant. Like, the real Top Chef guy. We (Hime, Jesica, and I) went last week, and it was out of control. You have not tasted a dessert until you've had his sticky toffee pudding.

4. PIZZA. You'll be here for a week, so I'm planning for us to eat at every pizza spot in the city. Deal?

5. Chinatown. I miss Sumo (although I know you've been going without me, RUDE), so we'll have to make up by going to some serious sushi places down here. Don't worry, I'll still get the tempura.

And after we've each gained 75 pounds, I'm sure you'll be ready to leave.

Let me know what you think!
Love, Luke