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Luke Maher, Spoiled Brat

February 12, 2010   

Here are the things that other people have paid for me to do in the last two weeks:

1. See Avatar in IMAX. As one of our field trips for this program, we went to see James Cameron's latest bloated-budget box office supernova. It was (shockingly) relevant to some of our discussions about globalizations, but mostly, it was a fabulous way to break up the week. Quick review: it was stressful. Don't get me wrong; it was gorgeously made. But three hours of 3-D violence in surround-sound does no favors to my fragile constitution. Big props to Leona Lewis on the soundtrack, though: it didn't work for me at first, but it grew on me.

2. Go to the Museum of Natural History. We went to see the Silk Road exhibit - which, in addition to being informational, came with a cookie recipe! Then we got to wander around on our own for a while, allowing me to be horrified by the skeletons of both the ten-foot armadillo and the twelve-foot sloth.

3. Get a guided tour of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. From ancient Greek statues and frescoes all the way to Damien Hirst's shark suspended in formaldehyde (seriously, can we all agree that Damien Hirst is the single most pretentious human being ever to walk the face of the earth? I mean, in a good way). I have never been so overwhelmed by anything; the scope of this museum is beyond my comprehension. In related news, I totally bought a t-shirt.

4. LIVE IN NEW YORK CITY. I cannot stress this enough: I will never - NEVER - be able to afford an apartment as amazing as this, let alone in a location one tenth this spectacular. I'm obsessed with this apartment, and I'm not apologizing for it.

All of this pampering aside, however, I'm still in the market for some care packages (Mom, Dad, I'm looking at you, although anyone should feel free to send something my way). Why get spoiled if not to be completely spoiled?