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Planets Align, Rare Occurrence At Hamilton College

February 14, 2007   

Last night, I went to bed and it wasn’t snowing. This morning, I woke up to about a foot of snow. Reluctantly, I put on some warm clothing and headed up to breakfast before my 8:00 class. As a side note, there are very few classes that meet at this unholy hour. I like having morning classes, but I typically don’t schedule them before 9:00. This semester was a rare exception -- one that I don’t plan to repeat in the future.


Anyway, I left my room around 7:20, and the roads and sidewalks near my dorm had not been plowed or shoveled. Yes, it was a long and difficult trek – all uphill – to the dining hall. It only took me about five to seven minutes longer than usual, I would say, but it was no fun at all. At some point during my meal, I learned that classes had been cancelled for the day.


I threw my omelet, toast, baked beans (yes, baked beans), strawberries and grapes into the air. I danced atop the tables, pumping my fists, screaming words of thanks. Actually, I didn’t do all that. I just continued enjoying my breakfast, while seated, and let a quiet sense of joy overtake me.


Whatever your religious inclination, I think we can agree that there was some divine intervention today. Some higher power said, “I am going to cut those Hamilton kids some slack today.” And with that, the first snow day at Hamilton College in 13 years.


I don’t even mind that I had to get up so early. And, while I haven’t been very productive with my newly realized free time, I don’t care. At the very least, I wrote this journal entry for you all to enjoy. Besides that, it’s beautiful outside, FebFest is in full-swing, and I have a rare day with nothing scheduled. But don’t worry, I’ll find something to do.