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Happy Easter and Passover!

April 8, 2012   

HELLO EVERYONE I'M BACK! And I know how much you all missed me. 

I’m SO sorry for being so negligent about my journals. I’m sure most of you probably assumed that I had quit or something, but I'm still here, I swear! I’ve just been super busy and when I get really busy, I get stressed and when I’m stressed, I tend to forget important stuff that needs to get done (i.e. my journals).

But anyway, it's Easter today! I wasn't able to go home this weekend to spend it with my family, but I did have an Easter brunch with some friends and it was great! Everyone baked food and it was all so good! There was banana bread, chocolate cake,  strawberry brushchetta, french toast casserole, and baked egg boats. NOMZZZ! I actually didn't bake anything because I can't cook but I brought myself, which is more than enough. It was so much fun chatting and munching on goodies with friends. I hope everyone has happy Easter and Passover!