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Goals for Next Year

May 28, 2010   1) Hang out on the light side more often. Unfortunately, as a dark-sider both this year and next, I have a bad habit of attending classes on the light side and then simply going back to my room. I need to stop that! I miss the light side's beauty and scholarly atmosphere. In the fall, I'm going to make a point to find a tree on the quad and read under it.

2) Go on ASB (Alternative Spring Break). A lot of my friends did this last semester and loved it. There's no better way to bond with other people than to spend hours upon hours with them on a Jitney. And because I'm not going abroad like many of my friends are, this will be a great way to meet new people.

3) Go all out for the Rocky Horror Picture Show party. Held by ELS (Emerson Literary Society), this is the biggest party of the year - and I've never been. Everyone dresses in drag and it's usually pretty crazy. Kate and I decided that next year we're going in full costume and then sending pictures to all friends who are abroad.

4) Find time to read for pleasure. Of all my goals, this is probably the least likely to actually happen, but I'm definitely going to try. I have way too many books on my shelf right now, and if I don't start soon, they're never going to get read.

5) Make better use of the Glen House! Hamilton's Outdoor Leadership Center opened in August 2006 and is really a great program. Any student can use the equipment for a small fee, so I'm looking forward to snowshoeing in the Glen next winter, among other things.

6)Visit Rogers Estate and go running on G-road. Two outdoor activities I must get around to doing!

7)Attend more lectures. Many departments on campus bring really fascinating speakers to campus. While I've definitely been to a couple, I've missed out on a lot of lectures both within my majors and outside of them. The psych and neuroscience departments, in particular, usually have really cool people give talks. Going to these kinds of things is a wonderful way to broaden the scope of what you learn here at Hamilton.

8) Volunteer for either Hamilton SAVES (Sexual Assault and Violence Education & Support) or Hamilton's chapter of VOX (Voices for Planned Parenthood). I realized that most of the things I do on campus aren't really clubs — I wouldn't call The Spectator or orchestra a club — so I want to be part of a club next year that aims to make a difference in the community. These are two issues I really care about, so I'm hoping to get involved!

9) Read the top stories of The New York Times online every morning. Okay, this is going to be difficult, considering that I'm not a morning person, but my earliest class next semester is 11 a.m. so I should be able to manage!

10) Visit professors' office hours more often. I don't do this enough, and I would really love to get to know more professors in different departments. Currently, it looks like I'll be taking one comp lit class (Comedy of Terrors) and two physics classes (Classical Mechanics and Research Methods) next semester, so I want my fourth class to be something fun and unexpected. Should I take Classical Mythology? Architecture in History? Social Movements? A class on the literature of Goethe and Thomas Mann? I'm sure I can't go wrong with any of these classes.

11) Quit worrying about the future! Sometimes I spend to much time thinking about what will happen after college that I forget that what's important now is to make the most of Hamilton's comforts while I can. I have my whole life to worry about the future. :) I'm sure that I'll come up with more goals, but I think this list is more than adequate for now.