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Why I Favor the Dark Side

February 5, 2013   

I would like to take this opportunity to offer my opinion on the supposed battle of good and evil taking place at Hamilton—that is, the light side versus the dark side.  The terms are attached to a specific grouping of dorms on opposing sides of campus: the northern end is coined the “light side” and the southern end is “dark.”

I am, at least for this year, a dark-sider.  Minor is my dorm.  That said, I do not serve an evil emperor.  I just live here.  In my short time on the Hill, I have discovered two big boons to the dark side—Kirner-Johnson, or KJ, and McEwen Dining Hall. 

KJ is a large academic building nestled right next door the dark side dorms; it houses most government and economics classes.  Thus, both my 9 a.m. American Political Process class and my 10:30 a.m. macroeconomics class are just a few steps from my room. My schedule is laden with government and economics classes; the closer I am to KJ, the better.

Secondly, the dark side boasts McEwen dining hall.  If you crave non-traditional or ethnic food McEwen is a must on campus.  This dark side dining hall goes the extra mile to add some flare to its food—it creates smoothies and juices – dubbed “sips” – from an eclectic mix of fruits, herbs and vegetables.  It entertains a wide range of recipes: from spicy chicken satay to barbequed pork sandwiches.  Also, breakfast at McEwen cannot be beaten: the eggs are served soft and moist, the bacon is thick but crispy, and the lines are short!

I will admit the dark side can sometimes feel a little out of the way.  It’s a half-mile walk to the Science Center or the gym.  Plus, McEwen closes on the weekends—forcing a few long treks to Commons dining hall.  But in the end, I say the conveniences outweigh the long walks.