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Birthday Madness

May 8, 2012   

I'm a little behind on posts, sorry guys! I was reminded I forgot to write one about my birthday when I got a package from my favorite cousin ever, Shanley, this morning with my birthday present. (To all the cousins I just ticked off, she gave me a Detention poster and a beanie. She wins. Always. ;).)

So I've been eating a kind of modified "Paleo" for a couple of months (basically no carbs/wheat/flour, and no refined sugars) and finally allowed myself free reign on my birthday (last Wednesday) to eat whatever I wanted. I woke up and had a bagel. It was delicious and felt awful in my stomach. At lunch I had pizza and a soda and it was delicious and felt awful. (I had a bunch of fruit in there too... my stomach needed something decent.) For dinner at Commons I had little samplings of everything I'd wanted forever. frosted mini wheats. Ezekiel bread toast with butter. Apple spice cinnamon cake. Baked ziti. And it was all so freakin delicious and  it all felt like rocks in my stomach. 

Afterwards we had a desert party in South Kitchen. People came in on their study breaks and we had funfetti cake, coffee and mint chocolate chip ice cream, cookies, cookie cake, candy, brownies. Galore! And yes, it was all delicious and fabulous and wonderful, and it felt so so so bad. I literally went to bed at 11:30 in a sugar coma. 

Yea it was excessive. But so good. And no, I will not be doing any of the above for a very long time. Eating all of that just made me realize how much better I like eating healthily because of how much better it makes me feel.  

Back to studying for me! See you guys soon,