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Snow Day!!!

February 14, 2007   I am NOT a morning person, except under one condition:  when I know that I don't HAVE to be awake.  Take this morning, for example.  My friend Rachel woke up at 9, a full hour before I even had to be awake, and was trying to get me up so I'd go to breakfast.  Under normal circumstances, there's pretty much no way I'm sacrificing sleep.  But all of a sudden she started screaming that school was cancelled, and as soon as she said, "WE DON'T HAVE TO DO ANYTHING TODAY!" I was out of bed jumping around.  Needless to say, I went to breakfast.  In fact, I actually got a lot of work done this morning, probably because I was still kind of comatose and wasn't aware that I was doing it.  My thesis is kind of killing me right now, but that's a WHOLE other journal entry.  I bet you can't WAIT for that.

I don't know the exact weather statistics here, but I can tell you that it snowed a LOT here.  It's 5:10 right now and it's STILL snowing.  I think there's at least 4 feet.  We were all excited to sit around in sweatpants all day and watch TV and do nothing productive, but then we got an email saying that practice was still on.  GREAT.  At least it was held at an earlier time, so now we have the rest of the day to be unproductive.  My friend Liz lives in Clinton, only about 2 miles off campus, and she invited a bunch of us over to eat dinner and have hot chocolate and watch movies in front of a fire.  It should be an incredibly lazy time, as any snow day should be.  We all get into our schedules and our routines and we're constantly getting things done, so it's nice to be forced to do nothing every once in a while.  In our case, it was only once in four years :)  But hey, once in four years is enough.  I'm already feeling like there's something I should be doing.  Oh right... I absolutely HAVE to go watch movies by a fire.  Happy snow day!