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Back! in Action

January 28, 2008   The first couple of weeks of every semester are usually pretty relaxed, before classes start to pick up and papers and tests seem to come out of the woodwork. But this semester, I already feel I have a lot on my plate. Stretching beyond normal coursework, here are some of the flavors that will dress my palate for the next couple of weeks:

    - Filligar is planning a spring tour for March. We're trying to book between 8 and 12 slots at various colleges and cities, only some of which we've played before. This means phone calls, emails, and facebook messages to countless friends, acquaintances, and total strangers. It requires total persistence and unabashed self-promotion. Good thing I'm humble.

    - IM Hockey season is still in full tilt. Stan Mikita's Donuts are coming off a disappointing first-round forfeit (our manager forgot to alert the team we had a game) last year, so we're aiming for an IM championship a la 2006. Unfortunately, a few of our superstars are off-campus this term, so that just means that we're going to have to pick up the extra slack and play a little old time hockey.... just puttin' on the foil, coach.

    - Not exactly an extracurricular, but my Topics in Music class requires that I learn how to play banjo (mountain 5-stringed, that is). A few bloody cuticles later, I'm well on my way to being able to strum out some classic folk songs.

    - Summer job search. Job has become a four-letter word among me and my friends, but I hope to find something that will cater to both my economic and musical interests.

This is all in addition to lots and lots of prescribed reading for my courses. But curiously enough, I'm ready and excited to be back. Winter break was absolutely great, don't get me wrong, after a week in the Dominican Republic, turning 21, and a cross-country road trip with my girlfriend, it seems about right that I am settling down to do some work.