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Back in Action

February 2, 2008   I knew this day would come. The knowledge of these times has been in the back of my mind since before my decision to attend Hamilton had ever been made. Some day, some how, the oppressive weight of finality would creep into the front of my conscious thoughts.

I think it actually began sometime over break. Perhaps, at first, only in sleep, in dreams that gave me pause. Seeping then from dreams to waking thought, still only a cold shiver down the spine. And now, it resides always as a bothersome streak across my vision. This is the knowledge that soon I'll be ending my 17 long years in the care of educational institutions.

It has come quietly, not aggressively, into the forefront of my mind and is now a lingering after-thought to every academic inspiration that passes therein.

The emotions have yet to follow. Tears are not gathering at the back of my eyes, nor are "Yippee!"s amassing at the corners of my tongue. I am merely aware.

For now I am simply enjoying Hamilton. I'll let you know when it begins to change.