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Long Week

April 26, 2013   

I just finished my third exam in four days; needless to say, it has been a long week.  Luckily, I saw this grind coming from a long way off.  At the end of Spring Break, as I looked over my respective syllabi, I realized that a string of midterm examinations fell within this one week.  I braced myself and began studying far in advance.

My week began with a government exam on Monday morning.  Luckily, we had only covered a few chapters of the textbook since the last exam—there was not too much material to study.  But still, I buckled down and tirelessly reviewed my class notes until I could recite them by heart.  I was amply prepared when I finally got to the test.

On Wednesday I had a German exam, my last of the semester. I carefully reread the novels and poems we discussed in class; I also reviewed the personal philosophy of each author.  When the exam eventually arrived, I had a list of literary themes I was ready to interpret.

Finally, there was tonight’s exam: economics.  This test was by far the lengthiest of the three, taking me just short of two hours to complete.  Our last examination was months ago, before spring break; since then we covered almost half of the textbook.  For the past week, I practically lived with my economics notebook, reviewing my notes whenever I found a spare moment.  Though the test was long, I managed to survive.

The key to surviving this week was time management.  I prepared for these tests long before I felt a dire need, before the weight of each exam was bearing down on me.  Now that this week is over, I can relax and enjoy these last two weeks before finals.  Of course, there are still a few essays I need to write before the end of the year.