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What do You mean It’s May?!?!

May 3, 2012   

It has been a rough academic week for me to say the least! This week was tougher than finals week for me because I have the same amount of work distributed between the two weeks, in addition to classes! As a result, I have been going to bed at 4 a.m. and struggling to attend my 9 a.m. classes. Tis the life of a college student!

I have had more coffee this week than in the whole semester - hahaha.

It has actually been pretty good fun! Every night I have had the good company of friends from my classes. To suffer together through the night makes this week all the more bearable.   

However, this week is almost over, and when all is said and done, finals should be easier!  I know I am not alone when I say COME AT ME, FINALS WEEK. 

OH, AND CONGRATS to the incoming CLASS of 2016. Sorry for the intimidating entry; you will be fine!