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What a Wednesday

April 13, 2012   

We finally had a day off this past Wednesday and I barely knew what to with myself. 

Who am I kidding? SHOPPING!

I had class in the morning and then gave a couple of tours (on which I spent a longer time extolling the benefits of our local shopping area than I usually do) and then bolted at four to head downtown. I grabbed Martha's car. Which was in one of the smallest spots I'd seen in a while. So I'm finagling myself when I hear someone calling my name from Bundy. Kath is sitting on her bed chilling and she starts to direct me getting out of the spot.

"where you going?"

"The mall. Wanna come?"

'Heck yea!"

So Kath jumped in the car after helping me get out and we drove off into the Sangertown sunset. Kath had to return something to Dick's Sporting Goods and I had to find a dress for formal. We walked around Aerie and then H&M. For what seems like the first time ever, the first dress I try is perfect. One of those things you try on and you can't help but say to yourself, "Yea, that's gonna be a great night."

I dropped Kath of back at school, but had a hankering for some Indian food, so made a quick beeline for Minar. When I got back I went to Martha's room to drop of the keys and eat my Sag Paneer.  What a good day. Who knew there were so many hours to do stuff with?!