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I'm Stupid and Pulled My IT Band

April 5, 2007   So I was standing in the sushi line a few days ago with my friend Jenny, and it was taking kind of a while.  But it's totally worth the wait, because the sushi section is awesome-- it's like going to Subway, except you get to tell them what you want in your SUSHI.  I love it.  We were hanging out in line, and I decided it would be a good time to stretch my IT band because it had been hurting.  If you do track, you understand this need to stretch whenever and wherever you find time.  By the way, your IT band is the muscle that runs from the top of your hip to the outside of your knee.  Runners develop problems with it really often.  I was stretching my hip, sort of pushing it out and leaning in the opposite direction, when all of a sudden I felt something pop out and then back into place.  NOT a good feeling, let me tell you.  It was at that point when I realized that I had pulled my IT band, and not while doing anything athletic or respected, but while waiting to be fed.  Excellent.

This isn't the first time I've gotten injured doing something non-athletic:  I tripped over a gravestone 2 years ago and sprained my ankle, and I pulled my quad from walking around in high heels all night.  To be fair, though, I've also had my share of legitimate injuries:  four stress fractures from running in high school, Compartment's Syndrome in my shins in high school which required surgery to fix, and several hamstring and quad pulls from time to time.  My coach here is very good about injuries.  She used to run herself, and she always has a lot of advice about how to take care of your various running-induced ailments.  The coaches are also creative about workouts when you're injured-- a lot of people are doing a pool workout tomorrow, for example.  Or sometimes they'll have you substitute a speed workout on the track with one on the bike.  You look like a crazy person biking extremely hard for 2 minutes and then taking 2 minutes off, but hey, it gets the job done.

I managed to ease back into running today after one day of just lifting and another of biking and lifting.  Of course, I use the phrase "ease back into running" in the Sarah Downey Crazy Overdoing It way, which meant that I sprinted six 150s (3/4 around the indoor track, for the running illiterate).  Relax-- I would have stopped if anything popped.  But that only happens when I'm waiting for food, remember?